Office pedestals

Blocks that make storage easier and
create order in the office

Pedestals or office blocks
to facilitate storage in a variety of ways.

If there is one star piece of furniture in any office, it is the pedestal. Its adaptability and configurability make it the best option as a drawer unit attached to workstations or as a vertical filing solution. At Ofita you will find all the possibilities for pedestals or office blocks in different materials, sizes and finishes. Because furniture should always be adapted to the workspace, and never the other way around.

In addition, pedestals are extremely resistant, and their versatility allows for complete customisation depending on the type of documents and files we need to house inside. The objective? Simplicity of equipment for the challenge of becoming the best storage solution..

The endless possibilities offered by the office blocks also force us to decide between their multiple options: with or without wheels?, with or without lock, with or without handles? Whatever you choose, our blocks offer all of them. In addition, our years of experience designing workspaces that promote employee wellbeing and productivity make us a great partner to help you make your choice.

At Ofita we don’t sell office furniture: we bring customised solutions to workspaces. If you want to add pedestals to your offices, please contact us and we will advise you personally.

Main features



Keep your files and documents protected and tidy thanks to the properties of the office blocks: drawers, shelves, document filing solutions… Maximum practicality and a lot of possibilities at your fingertips.



Thanks to the versatility of the pedestals, they can be fitted into different spaces and have different functions: under the tabletops, as vertical files to store documentation, separation of environments, auxiliary chairs for informal meetings, etc…



The wide range of blocks can be optionally configured as rolling or table height, with locks, lockers, drawers, with different types of guides and adapting to different sizes.


We want to help you

No two projects are ever the same. At Ofita we know this and that is why, after more than 5 decades in the sector, we put our efforts and experience to help you choose the buck solution that best suits the needs of your project.

If you need advice on what type of buck furniture to choose, contact us and we will guide you with the best solution for your case and needs.

Do you need information?

Contact us for advice on the design proposals that best suit your workspace.