Operational chairs

Carefully designed in search of the best ergonomics, they combine well-being and comfort, a sustainable approach and a modern and personalized design. Thanks to their adjustments, they adapt to the needs of each user.

Operational office chairs, seating on the move


Ofita’s wide range of operational office chairs provides support and comfort throughout the workday, in comfortable and relaxed postures, with ergonomic designs adapted to the physical complexion and different activities of each user.

Designed to facilitate movement and posture changes, the result is an excellent collection of work chairs, recognized for their durability, design, ergonomics and versatility.


Main features


El portfolio de sillas operativas de Ofita ofrece innumerables opciones de personalización para adaptarse tanto a la imagen corporativa de cada empresa como a las características de cada usuario.

Diferentes modelos y una amplia gama de prestaciones, tejidos y acabados, permiten que cada empresa y cada usuario encuentren su silla operativa para oficina ideal, ya sea para entornos corporativos desenfadados como para otros más clásicos.


Operating chairs with armrests

For a chair of this type to be truly ergonomic, it must have different elements and adjustments. One of the most appreciated is the armrest.
The armrests help to relieve tension in the back and shoulders during the day, facilitating postural hygiene and, at Ofita, we have a wide variety of models of operative chairs with armrests. The armrests of our operative chairs are adjustable in height.




 Sit well, feel good

An operating chair is ergonomic thanks to its different adjustments. Only in this way can it respond to the great diversity of people’s morphologies and make it possible for the user to sit well and change posture throughout the day while seated.
The adjustment systems must be intuitive and easy to use, so that everyone can adjust their chair for a healthy sitting position.



Ergonomic operating chairs, take care of yourself while you work


Chairs of this style provide unparalleled comfort. Despite their numerous variants, there are two essential attributes of all Ofita work chairs: excellent quality and a design that takes care of people’s health and well-being.

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