Modular tables

Absolute versatility comes to your workspaces and meeting rooms.

Modular office desks provide the flexibility that today’s workspaces need.

There are meetings in which, sometimes, the number of participants multiplies. There are cases where, for whatever reason, workspaces have to change, adapt, mould themselves. And, for those cases, no furniture is more versatile than modular tables.

A good example is the Meta tableThe castors can be joined together or removed and folded into a corner for stacking in a matter of seconds. This way, no matter how many people are involved in a meeting, there will always be enough room for everyone!

And if what you are looking for for your office is a space for co-creation and Agile methodologies in which you can change the location of the panel or the whiteboard, as well as the seats, the shelves or the tables, quickly and dynamically., Forthink is ideal for your team. Meetings will never be the same, as they can now be much more enjoyable and creative.

At Ofita we work every day to adapt to new work environments, to new ways of interacting, connecting and sharing information. Do you want your office to become a 21st century workspace?


Features of our modular desks


It doesn’t matter if more people join the meeting at the last minute than originally planned, you can always add an additional workstation. thanks to this type of modular structure. And if, on the other hand, you need more space, it can be easily reconfigured.



All our office furniture is designed to be attractive, stylish and professional.. But that doesn’t mean you can’t combine it with your corporate identity or with the touches of colour you need.




Thanks to the incorporation of wheels or folding systems in some of our modular tables, they are easily manoeuvrable for moving from one space to another.. After all, today’s office must be dynamic and adaptable.


5 decades of experience creating workspaces

By reinventing ourselves for so many years to adapt to new needs in work areas, we have not only become leaders in the sector, butwe also know what can best fit in each space depending on the type of business.

So if you would like us to advise you on which modular desks will best suit your office or even help you reinvent your work areas, you can always contact us. 50 years of experience will be at your disposal.

Are you interested in our modular tables?

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