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Design office desks

Innovation for contemporary offices.

Thanks to their neutral and pure line, Ofita’s designer office desks survive the passing fashions. Some have even been designed by National Design Award winners who have become design icons.

In the design of Ofita office desks, 4 very important premises take precedence: aesthetics, comfort, operability and connectivity.

Main features and added value

design office desks

Attractive aesthetics

It coexists in harmony with the rest of the elements and with each interior design, adapting both in space and in the design of each office.


comfortable office desks

User convenience

Tables can be raised to help the employee take care of his or her body posture while working.


office desk design

Operability and connectivity

Its operability to create productive workspaces means that the different models of desks allow the configuration of those functionalities that the office requires at any given moment, thus facilitating change.

Our office desk designs are designed with today’s mobility and connectivity needs in mind, with the necessary technology and space to house and channel cables for different devices.


Eco-designed and sustainable tables

Ofita desks are eco-designed to reduce their environmental impact. Its quality and sustainable production are guaranteed by the most demanding certificates.

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