Meeting Chairs

Design, comfort and ergonomics combined to enhance worker health and productivity.

The boardroom and meeting room chairs with the most attractive and comfortable aesthetics.


How much time does an employee spend in meeting rooms on a daily basis? In general, around 50% of an employee’s working time is spent meeting with colleagues, managers, partners or suppliers.

To take care of their health and avoid possible injuries and sick leave, it is important that the chairs in which they spend all that time are ergonomic and comfortable. That’s why Ofita’s chairs for meeting and conference rooms are so comfortable and adapt to the greatest possible number of users.

Another highlight of these chairs is undoubtedly their aesthetic appeal. The elegance and professional look of the spaces is important not only for potential clients, but also to promote the working atmosphere among employees. Our chairs will fit in perfectly with the decorative style of your office and will also enhance the distinction of that space.


Main features


The aesthetics of an office count. Not just in terms of the impression clients or employees may have of the business, but also in terms of boosting employee productivity. Enhance its elegance and style with our boardroom chairs.



Bearing in mind that workers spend a large part of their working day together and that these seats are fixed, at Ofita we have worked to ensure that they are ergonomic and adapt to the greatest possible number of users, providing them with maximum comfort.




The more comfortable the chairs, the more room there is for collaboration between colleagues for quick meetings in the conference room. This encourages connectivity and the sharing of ideas.


If you need advice on your meeting chairs…


Remember that you can always contact Ofita. 5 decades of dedication to the creation of functional and productive workspaces have made us a true benchmark in the sector.

Moreover, during this time we have not only worked on and improved the ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics of our office furniture, but we have also optimised our production systems. Thanks to our efforts to promote sustainability and respect for the environment in these processes, we have achieved different ISO certifications (such as 9001, 14001 and 14006) and LEVEL Level 2, among others.

So if you want to contact a company that not only cares for the aesthetics and maximum comfort of its meeting chairs, but also for their sustainability, please contact us.


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