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Office dividers

Separate workspaces while letting in all the light needed for each one.

Office partition walls

perfect for promoting both health and concentration.


Creating spacious workspaces with natural light not only greatly helps workers’ productivity, but also their creative capacity. However, there are situations where this can conflict with the need to create separate workspaces for meetings or concentration.

Office partitions made of glass are perfect for meeting both needs in an optimal way. Light will continue to pass between the workspaces without a problem, but at the same time, colleagues will not disturb each other with noise from calls or meetings.

There are also other models in which the material is somewhat more translucent or opaque. It all depends on the needs of each workspace. In any case, the screen can be a perfect ally to protect the health of workers.

If you have any doubts about which one to choose for your office, do not hesitate to contact us. After 5 decades of creating workspaces for major brands, we will understand your company’s needs.


Principales características


There are many cases in which a dividing wall is a real success, especially when it comes to creating spaces for concentration, division of departments, meeting rooms or private areas that still allow light to pass through.




In some cases, the screens can be folded and moved from one side to the other according to the needs of the employees. This dynamism is perfect for quickly dividing different areas or creating larger spaces.




Nowadays it is more important than ever to ensure the safety of employees and healthy working environments. To achieve this without sacrificing the feeling of an open and bright space, glass partitions are the best option.



50 years of creating workspaces are our guarantee



The last 5 decades have helped us not only to become leaders in the sector, but also to reinvent ourselves and anticipate new work needs. Our collaboration with architecture studios and specifiers has led us to personalise our furniture after getting to know the needs of each project.

But we have not only been concerned with adapting our furniture to the new requirements of companies, but we have also innovated in our production systems. Thanks to their sustainability and excellence, we have achieved different ISO certifications (such as 9001, 14001 and 14006) and LEVEL Level 2, among others.

If you want to count on a partner who cares about design as well as the environment, here you have Ofita. And if you need any kind of advice about office partitions, remember that you only have to contact us.


Are you unsure about which office dividers fit into your workspace?



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