Lift-up office desks

Health, versatility and maximum comfort for its users.

Lift-up office desks
to improve the health and creativity of workers.


Improving the health of workers has become one of the major requirements of today’s companies. Greater comfort translates into a more positive and creative attitude. Hence Ofita’s firm commitment to office desks.

With them, you can alternate between sitting and standing, and you can adjust the table to the height that is most comfortable for you. Short intervals between the two positions, so that people do not stay in the same position for too long, generate an enormous productive change in workers, which leads to greater creativity and, in addition, fewer absences from work due to cardiovascular problems or pain in the cervical or lumbar area.

Not all height-adjustable office desks are the same; some are so complex to change the height that they cannot be adjusted several times a day by the user (which is ideal). Ofita’s adjustable tables incorporate systems for automatic height adjustment with a simple push button or with a display control, depending on the model.

The important thing is to choose the lift-up office desks that best suit each project, which is why Ofita is here to advise companies and specifiers on the ideal desk. For decades we have been supporting different brands in their commitment to healthy, sustainable and innovative furniture and workspaces that facilitate the creativity, motivation and well-being of their workers.

Ofita height-adjustable office desks features


Ofita’s lift-top office desks are extremely versatile, with individual models that can be adjusted in height at any time, and with the possibility of joining desks at different heights to change perspective at any time.



Ofita tables are very easy to manipulate, so that in just a few seconds the height can be changed as much as the user needs. All thanks to the push buttons and display controls, which allow the height to be changed without the need for tools..





We know how important it is to have furniture that fits the brand image. That’s why our height-adjustable office desks can be customised in colours and finishes to perfectly match your company’s identity and style.


We have been dedicated to creating workspaces for decades.

For more than 5 decades we have been dedicated to creating innovative, creative and comfortable workplaces that encourage employees to give their best. That is why we help companies and specifiers to select the office desks that best suit their projects and needs.

Moreover, Ofita not only has a responsibility to its customers, offering them everything they need to create productive and healthy offices, but also to society. This is why its commitment to sustainability is transversal throughout the company and its processes, and this is corroborated by different certifications, such as ISO 14006, 14001 and 9001 or LEVEL Level 2, among others.

Ofita is a project focused on the future, a firm that provides its clients not only with the height-adjustable office desks they need in their corporate headquarters, but also helps them to create sustainable, efficient, creative and healthy workspaces. With more than five decades of experience and know-how at your disposal.

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