Design meeting tables

The place where creativity emerges
must be a structure that combines design and ergonomics.

Modern meeting tables
that will motivate your team to do their best.

Our meeting tables adapt to the maximum available space and have been designed to enhance the connectivity of devices and the ease with which presentations can be made. Because, nowadays, it is essential to share files or audiovisual media in any client or team meeting.

Ofita’s meeting tables are tailored to the needs of managers and employees. In other words, we are committed to tables where both executives and employees can gather to discuss ideas or attend to collaborators in comfortable and spacious meetings.

Ofita’s designer meeting tables come in many different shapes: oval, round, rectangular…So whatever the space, you will always have an attractive and ergonomic table that will increase your team’s ability to give the best of themselves, enhancing their talents.

Features of Ofita’s meeting tables

Very diverse

As you can see in our catalogue, we have office meeting tables in a wide range of sizes and uses. From those that only constitute a small space for 4 or 5 people to those larger ones for 10 or more, in Ofita you have them all.



By having tables in a variety of shapes, there will always be one that perfectly suits your space and your equipment. They are also available in a wide range of materials, colours and heights. Because we understand that every office is different.



Design matters. And in offices, a place where that same design influences people’s ability to work, even more so. That’s why Ofita’s meeting tables are modern, minimalist and in simple, elegant colours.


We help you find your ideal meeting table

At Ofita we have been working for 5 decades to create the best working environment for you and your team. In doing so, we rely not only on design and technology, but also on the sustainability of our production systems and the achievement of ISO certifications as a guarantee of quality.

That’s why we invite you to contact us to create the best version of your workspace with our meeting tables. If you don’t know which one best suits your office or the way you work with your team, we’ll help you find out.

Do you have any doubts about your designer office desks?

Contact us for advice on the design proposals that best suit your workspace.