The design, development and production processes of Ofita furniture follow three premises:

to obtain a product of the highest quality, with a minimum environmental impact, and which is responsible for people and the environment.

This commitment to quality and sustainability is backed by the most demanding international certifications.

We seek sustainability through circular economy practices throughout the life cycle of our furniture.

Sustainable, really

First Spanish company to obtain the European LEVEL® level 2 certification.

what is LEVEL® certification?

LEVEL® is the first European certification covering all relevant aspects of a product’s sustainability. It is based on the sustainability standard developed by the Fédération Européenne du Mobilier de Bureau (FEMB). Sustainability means that processes do not deplete the resources needed to manufacture products.


What criteria does it assess?

In addition to the characteristics of the product, it also assesses the characteristics of the organisation and the facilities where the furniture is manufactured. It assesses criteria such as the company’s social responsibility, its energy use and impact on the environment and human health.

certified systems

LEVEL® 2 Versa / Gen / District / O.X. / Fresh / Universal

Certification WELL Building Standard™

Find out how to meet WELL™ requirements with Ofita furniture.


The WELL Building Standard aims to “lead the global movement to transform buildings and communities in ways that help people thrive”, making it the best way to certify the well-being and performance of buildings. Its function is to measure and monitor the performance of building systems in order to finally proceed to their certification.

The rating system is based on , each of which is composed of several characteristics. The aim is for each feature to be evidence-based, verifiable and implementable, as well as disseminated for external input. Some characteristics are “preconditions”, i.e. mandatory for certification. Some characteristics are “preconditions”, i.e. mandatory for certification. In both cases Ofita furniture can help to achieve this. Ofita, through our products, can help you implement the WELL Building Standard™.

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Certification LEED® / BREEAM®

Ofita product contribution to the achievement of LEED® / BREAAM® certification – Sustainable Building

The LEED® (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Sustainable Building Rating System is a voluntary international standard system for developing high-efficiency sustainable buildings.
LEED® provides a comprehensive framework for assessing building efficiency and meeting sustainability goals. There are four levels of LEED® certification LEED® Certifícate / LEED® Silver / LEED® Gold LEED® Platinum

LEED® – BREEAM® requirements provided by the Ofita product


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Other certifications

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