At Ofita we cannot ignore a challenge as important as corporate social responsibility and good government. So what we do is show it off. CSR is an essential key factor for the reputation and positioning of the company and all its employees. As a responsible company, at Ofita we not only want to achieve the best results but to also be responsible regarding how we achieve and manage them.


The company complies with the ten principles that are required of collaborators of companies adhered to the Global Compact, an initiative proposed by the United Nations.

We know we could not achieve any of these principles without the constant commitment and effort of everyone at Ofita, nor without the support and trust of our customers and suppliers.






CSR at Ofita places the human being at the center of everything.  
It is global in nature that is it affects all the business areas of the company and all the people who are part of Ofita, including all the geographical areas in which we operate.  
Our CSR includes compliance with the national and international legislation in force, in matters such as quality or the environment.  
Our CSR involves ethical and responsible commitments by everyone at Ofita.  
Our CSR is focused on satisfying the needs of our interest groups, respecting and promoting fundamental rights and freedoms.  
It is also focused on encouraging education, wellbeing and the development of all the people who are part of the human team at Ofita, and on preventing discrimination.  
Our CSR is aligned with the organization’s business model.  
It is our responsibility to minimize the impact of our activity and to promote a responsible attitude towards the environment.