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Designer office chairs

The place where ergonomics meets extraordinary design.

Thanks to their neutral and pure line, Ofita’s designer office desks survive the passing fashions. Some have even been designed by National Design Award winners who have become design icons.

In the design of Ofita office desks, 4 very important premises take precedence: aesthetics, comfort, operability and connectivity.

Modern office chairs,

comfortable and perfect for everyday work.

A chair that adapts to movement is essential to ensure the postural health of an entire work team.. This translates into good results in terms of productivity for the company and greater comfort for the worker.

We also have chairs that are perfect for managers, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, informal meetings… All the chairs you will find in our catalogue have the attractive and elegant design you want for your team’s workspace.

In all cases, these seats are very comfortable.nd all are equipped with the necessary adjustments to guarantee maximum comfort for the user, such as the self-weighing system to determine the best height for each worker.

For training spaces or visiting areas, you can opt for the specific seating for these uses that we have at Ofita. All have an attractive design, they are comfortable and easy to move from one area to another.

Features of our designer office chairs

For each space

The designer chairs in our catalogue are not only designed to provide the highest level of comfort for the user.but also the visual adaptation to each space. That’s why we differentiate perfectly between seats for every use.


100% adaptable

In height, verticality of the backrest, armrests… Office chairs used for daily work should be as comfortable and flexible as possible to suit the individual. That’s why you’ll see that we pay so much attention to the ergonomics of the seat on ours.



An attractive design is a plus for any space. And for an office where meetings with clients and collaborators take place, even more so! So you can always count on our chairs to give that elegant and avant-garde image you want to give your company.


5 decades advising companies on modern office chairs

Constant innovation and the pursuit of excellence are the driving forces that have driven us for 5 decades to work towards having the best office seating. In doing so, we rely not only on cutting-edge design and technologies, but also on the sustainability of our production systems. In fact, All this has led us to obtain ISO certifications (9001, 14001 and 14006) or LEVEL Level 2, among others.

For all these reasons, we invite you to contact us for advice on designer office chairs. that best suit your workspace. We will help you in every way we can to ensure that each area has the perfect seating for you and your workers.

Do you need help or advice?


Contact us and we will advise you on everything you needto guarantee the productivity and safety of your workers.