Executive Boards

For today’s executive styles. At Ofita we manufacture designs in line with today’s leadership; humanistic, digital and flexible.

Exclusive offices with the best executive desks

Ofita’s executive desks are designed by renowned international designers, some of whom have won National Design Awards.

We have different collections of tables designed to create modern executive spaces. They are defined by their functionality, comfort, by seeking alignment with the latest trends and by their maximum versatility thanks to the different configurations they allow.

Main features

In the office or at home

The high quality of its materials and finishes, characteristic of Ofita, enhances the elegance of our executive desks. Resistant and durable, they are also an ideal choice for professionals who want to create a clean-lined, timeless and elegant design office in their home.


Contemporary in design

Our designer executive desks introduce a contemporary take on office furniture, with unique creations in a distinctly contemporary style, without sacrificing functionality, comfort or technology integration..



Modern management desks for new managers

Ofita has redefined the traditional office concept with modern executive desks, in a more casual and non-conformist style but without losing sight of the distinctive personality of this type of space.

With our designs we aim to give executives a place to call their own, where they can feel at ease and manage more effectively.

Do you need help to expand your office?

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