Office cabinets

Personalisation, versatility and maximum use of space.

Office cabinets with the filing space your project needs.

Different colours, shapes, sizes, opening and closing systems, materials and finishes. All this versatility is what Ofita’s office cupboards offer. So no matter the brand identity, the space or the type of objects to be stored in the cabinets, there will always be an office filing cabinet in our range adapted to each project.

All this combined with great possibilities in terms of design and space planning. The Universal Cabinet, for example, can be used as a room divider between workstations or departments in the open space. In addition, they offer the option of incorporating plants at the top, which promotes the well-being of employees and improves the design of the office.

On the other hand, security is another aspect that we work on in our archive furniture. Consequently, if you need individual lockers with locks or limited access filing areas, you can find them in models such as our Lock Lock. The latter also has locks with a key or numerical combination, a coat hanger, a hole for inserting correspondence, the possibility of incorporating shelves and different locker heights.

As you can see, at Ofita we have designed and developed every detail of our office filing cabinets to cover all the needs that may arise in the company. And remember that we are also at your complete disposal to advise you on whatever you need if you do not know which piece of furniture to choose.

Main features



Whether you require these cabinets to store documents in folders, personal items or valuable files under lock and key, you can always find a solution to suit your project needs.



It doesn’t matter whether you want to incorporate them vertically or horizontally, whether you want L-shaped modules or a much more compact shape. As soon as you know your needs, Ofita will provide you with a solution that meets them.



Choose the way in which the company wants to keep the objects it has stored secure: with a padlock, with a card or with a numerical combination. Our Lock Lock cabinet offers you all of them.


We advise you on everything you need

After 5 decades working in the sector, at Ofita we know how to help you choose the office cupboard that best suits the needs of your project. We will analyse every detail so that the final result, both in terms of design and practicality, is exactly what your company requires.

You can count on our advice to incorporate the filing cabinets that your project needs in each space. Our sustainable production system (for which we have obtained different ISO certifications, such as 9001, 14001 and 14006, and LEVEL Level 2, among others), our experience and know-how are at your disposal.

Do you need information?

Contact us for advice on the design proposals that best suit your workspace.