Operational tables

Modern, customised and innovative designs created to improve productivity and space.

Operational office desks, design for productive spaces

More than ever, companies need office furniture that provides flexibility, connectivity, versatility, comfort and ergonomics, such as those offered by Ofita desks.

For both office and home office environments, we offer a complete range of desks designed to facilitate current work dynamics while improving employee health and efficiency.

They facilitate the healthiest working postures, and have almost infinite options for their shape, features, finishes and technology. This makes it easy to define the perfect table for any type of work. Their aesthetic range makes them a perfect match for any style of office and/or home.

Main features

Adapted to the present day

The innovative design of the office desks offers a simple look and feel in line with current decorative trends, but also perfectly accommodates and/or manages cables for perfect connectivity, a must in today’s world.


Custom tables

The versatility they offer is outstanding, capable of creating multiple configurations, from individual desks to bench desks or linked workstations. All of these environments are humane and effective. In addition, thanks to Ofita’s unique and differential customisation capacity, we can design the workstations that best adapt to each company’s work methods, corporate culture and image.



Key issues

The operative office desks are designed based on three basic premises: to take care of people and the environment; to improve the productivity of organisations and to optimise space.

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