Waiting room seats

Get the reception and workspaces in your office the designer furniture they deserve.

The waiting room chairs
that you can use in any open workspace.


Until recently, armchairs were the domain of waiting and reception rooms in offices. Today, however, they have proven to be so versatile that they can fit perfectly into other workspaces for quick collaborative meetings or to enrich any workspace.

65% of office space today is not only collaborative, but also informal. Thanks to technology we can have meetings or work in different areas, which allows for some mobility and improves people’s health.

With Ofita’s armchairs you can be sure that they will not only give you the functionality that your work team needs, but they will also adapt perfectly to any decorative style. Yes, because their elegance and tones combine with any office, waiting area or passageway.

Moreover, as some of them are modular, they can be incorporated into different spaces, with different types of backrests or armrests. Because Ofita’s armchairs for waiting rooms or collaborative areas provide aesthetics, versatility and comfort.

Main features

Attractive design

Waiting room chairs are the first furniture that any type of supplier/collaborator of the company encounters. A design that exudes professionalism and style is essential to create a good first impression.



A more humane office

Open spaces in which to hold not only a quick meeting to share ideas, but also a change of working environment at any time, greatly humanise any work area. They also promote mobility and health.




Maximum versatility

The modular systems of some of Ofita’s waiting room chairs increase their versatility for any type of workspace. In fact, some of them have different accessories and versions in different shades.



5 decades of experience help us to help you


At Ofita we have been creating functional workspaces with an attractive and professional aesthetic for 5 decades. This has led us not only to become leaders in the sector, but also to know very well what each company needs. Therefore, if you need advice on which waiting room chair to choose or which one best combines with the corporate identity of your business, contact us and we will guide you in everything you need.


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