Office partitions

It promotes individual concentration and the safety of your workers.

Office partition walls.

Boost productivity and concentration while taking care of your workers’ health.

Generate individual work spaces within the open space to encourage concentration and avoid noise interference. In addition, the office partitions that you can find in our catalogue are also practical to differentiate work areas from those that are for resting or informal meetings.

The office partitions (made of glass, translucent or opaque material depending on the needs) that go from the ceiling to the floor are ideal for separating collective spaces from individual work areas. In this way, all workers, whether they are gathered together or concentrating on their tasks, will not disturb each other.

In communal workplaces, it is essential to separate spaces. Especially now, when distance and safety have become so important for everyone. Promote this with our various office partitions and place between neighbouring areas.

Main features

Maximum adaptability

Our partition screens, being modular, adapt to all types of spaces, as they can be divided into the modules you need on each occasion. In addition, you can choose both transparent and opaque depending on your visibility needs.


Space optimisation

The creation of differentiated workspaces improves workers’ productivity and their ability to concentrate. This makes them one of the most profitable investments for your business project.


Multiple possibilities

We work with dividing screens for offices in different widths and heights. Contact us to find out all the possibilities of a space that can be bright and healthy both visually and acoustically.


Let’s create together a new space

We have been working for 50 years to create humane, motivating and innovative workspaces. For us, the most important thing is that, thanks to our office partitions, you and your team feel totally comfortable in the place where you are going to create and share projects.

That’s why we are at your complete disposal to create an area where creativity flows, but which goes hand in hand with connectivity, security and profitability. Ask us everything you need about your workspace and how our partitions would fit into it, because together we can create the area you are looking for for all employees.

Do you have any doubts about our office partitions? 

Contact us and we will advise you on everything you needto guarantee the productivity and safety of your workers.