Office Screens

Separators that encourage concentration
allowing for total connectivity.

Office partitions
offer a wide variety of architectural solutions.

Concentration and noise elimination are essential to promote productivity in the workplace. That is why dividing screens are so widely used in different spaces, as they offer great functionality by eliminating part of the sounds around them and, at the same time, they generate differentiated areas with a minimum investment.

In addition, Ofita’s office dividers allow absolute customisation, both in terms of measurements and upholstery and colours. In this way, the separation of work areas will be perfectly integrated with the corporate identity and will be visually attractive. Remember that some of our models, such as the Flip, are modular and therefore adapt perfectly to any space. On the other hand, some of our screens allow unlimited connectivity, as connection is key for all companies nowadays.

As we have been leaders in the creation of workspaces for several decades, we can advise you on the best way to integrate our partitions into your office. Therefore, you can always contact us to be sure that the result of incorporating the screens in your office will be perfect.

Main features

High versatility

Dividers are perfect both for defining meeting areas and for delimiting individual workspaces. In either case, they will always encourage concentration and help to eliminate some of the surrounding noise.



We will help you determine which screens are best suited to your workspace, both in terms of colour and functionality. Remember that at Ofita we can advise you on everything you need.



Our Lisis Neo office screens are no barrier to connectivity between devices. After all, connectivity is essential in today’s business environment.


Ofita, 5 decades creating workspaces

Decades of dedication to creating people-centred workspaces have taught us to evolve with changing trends and needs. That’s why we not only adapt 100% to the different work areas your brand needs, but we have also adapted to social needs. For this reason we have redesigned our entire production system, which is now much more sustainable, and which has led us to gain different ISO certifications (such as 9001, 14001 and 14006) and LEVEL Level 2, among others.

As you can see, by using our office partitions, you are not only betting on the design that the workspace of your project needs, but also on the sustainability that the planet needs. And remember that we can advise you on the complete design of your office thanks to all our furniture solutions. Contact us and discover everything we can help you with.


Do you have any doubts about our office partitions?

Contact us and we will advise you on everything you needto guarantee the productivity and safety of your workers.