Project Description

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The project developed for the IESE Business School, in Barcelona, provides us with a visual example of the importance of furniture in the transformation of spaces, both functional and aesthetic, maintaining its original use. Its finishes and design contribute to the creation of a new image and to offer wellbeing and more “light” to a space that lacked of it.

Ofita’s furniture selected also enables the design of different types of spaces for the different study habits of its users. Work tables coexist with other more informal study areas, furnished with the Meet Up! Line of Ofita, designed by Antoni Arola and Jordi Tamayo, and with phone box solutions with high concentration tables.

With the O.X. program tables provided with closed support we furnished over 200 work stations, completed with LIB shelves, outstanding for their discreet design and high functionality, Metrica® Divilux partitions and Carpyen lighting.