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The prestigious architecture firm HPA, Henriquez Partners Architects, trusted Ofita for furniture of its headquarters in Vancouver, of 1.500m2. Throughout the project, the architect Gregory Henriquez has followed his starting premise: getting an inspiring office for his occupants, and establishing a new paradigm for the design of sustainable workspaces in North America. The images illustrate the spectacular beauty that operative benches bring to the space. The boards, which complete up to 20.5 m, perfectly aligned, contrast with the predominant white in the office. Its original design does not sacrifice the functionality of the table; on the contrary, the blocks capacity of the bench stands out. To develop this personal design and the design of the private offices, Ofita works with the line of furniture OX, design of Lievore Altherr Molina, combined with Universal blocks and tables of collective Atria. Infinity of details, such as the leed platinum certificate, its spectacular double-height roof, its urban forest on the rooftop … make this installation a workspace of the next generation.