Versa Origins Operational

Andreas Struppler

Versa Origins is one of the three collections that make up the Versa operating system designed by the award-winning German designer Andreas Struppler, together with Natura and Innova.

The Origins operating table has four different types of steel supports: straight, inclined, a- or v-shaped, with the peculiarity that they all follow the same trapezoidal section line, so they combine perfectly with each other. This makes it the most complete family of the Versa system, whose main elements are versatility and a modern and informal touch.

Versa Origins allows for multiple operational configurations: single operating stations, double stations facing each other or side by side, triple stations, islands for four or six workers, benches, etc. Whatever the operational need of a workspace, it can be covered thanks to the variety of possibilities of Origins.

In addition, the Origins operating table allows for the addition of skirts, dividers, storage beams, trolleys or support files, helping to create the perfect workstation.

Thus, configuring customised offices with different aesthetics depending on the work area but that converge in the same global line to give a corporate sense to the office, is an easy and realistic possibility thanks to Versa Origins.




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