Fresh is a commitment to conceptual cleanliness and efficiency with the minimum use of resources. A unique way of understanding the space that humanises the office without losing sight of its operability or its painstaking aesthetic.

Fresh is the operative system created by the designers Antoni Arola and Jordi Tamayo, recognised principally for its flexibility and capacity to adapt to any workspace, as well as for its simplicity in assembly.

Its operating desks stand out for the modularity of their elements, which permits multiple configurations for the different areas of the work environments and for their smooth lines and unique character.

The Fresh operating system allows for a wide range of different configurations: single operating posts, double lateral or facing posts, triple island posts and bench for four, with lateral wings, as well as the addition of complementary elements such as files, trolleys, separator panels, etc. and has a large number of finishes so that each office is different from the rest.

It is worth highlighting its quick clamping system that allows the reconfiguration, modularity and flexibility of the workstations in a simple way.




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