Nordic-style offices are becoming more and more popular both in corporate headquarters and in the home office. This style moves away from the free ornament and complexity of other trends and focuses more on functionality and contemporary elements.

Nordic-style offices are recognized for their pragmatism and clean, minimalist aesthetics. In fact, its simplicity has made the Nordic style a star trend in interior decoration that never goes out of style.

What are Nordic style offices like?

Nordic-style offices never go out of style. Its clarity, the natural materials and its warm and welcoming atmosphere explain the reasons for its success.

The Nordic style was born at the beginning of the 20th century and came from Northern European countries such as Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Most of the year natural light in these countries is scarce and winters are long, so this style emerged as a way to counteract the lack of light.

This style is born in countries where people spend a lot of time at home, so the decoration is practical and warm, with tidy and clean spaces.

That is why light colors always predominate in their environments, both on walls and floors as well as on furniture. For their part, rugs, upholstery and other textiles are responsible for providing the necessary note of color.

Over time, this style has been refined a lot, becoming something more minimalist, and has crossed the world of the home to successfully land in other areas such as offices, contract and commercial and restaurant spaces.

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Nordic style offices, some keys to create them

Next, we are going to see some tips and tricks to give our offices that Nordic touch.

Soft colors and pastel tones combined with wood are details that cannot be missing to achieve Nordic-style offices. Use white as a base and light woods to give warmth.

The characteristic palettes in the Nordic style are monochrome with very soft grays to create a minimalist and elegant background.

Textiles, finishes and textures play a very important role in Nordic-style offices. And of course, the art.

Nature is the protagonist in Nordic-style offices. Many materials, textures and decorative elements of this style come from nature, and it also inspires the color ranges. Greens, wood tones, and tans add warmth to the space.

It is an ecosystem very aligned with the trend of biophilia, therefore, plants cannot be missing in the interior of Nordic-style offices.

Nordic style office furniture

One of the maxims of the Nordic style is functionality. For this reason, the furniture and decorative pieces revolve around clean, straight and smooth lines; Furniture that stands the test of time. Without overloading the spaces with furniture, since the objective is to achieve a warm and at the same time practical and functional space.

Nordic-style offices show a predilection for white or/and natural wood furniture, in light colors to help create bright and relaxed environments.


In the most contemporary Nordic-style interiors, a touch of color cannot be missing to provide carefreeness. Pale pink, blue, green or lavender are the perfect colors for wall accents and textiles. You can opt for these colors and other more vivid ones for the upholstery of chairs and armchairs. The drawings of flowers, leaves and animals on small elements such as cushions are perfect for recreating this environment.

The decontextualization and reuse of materials and elements is another key to the Nordic style. It is about giving them another unusual use, mixing styles and promoting recycling at the same time.

In short, Nordic-style offices are usually respectful of the environment, warm, practical and very welcoming. So it looks like it’s here to stay.