lanzamiento_enOfita a décidé de célébrer ses 45 ans en renouvelant son image par un nouveau design, plus conforme avec la réalité actuelle de la compagnie. Elle mise sur l’innovation, ainsi que sur une dimension internationale avérée. Ofita est aujourd’hui présente dans plus de 20 pays et les exportations conduisent la croissance de la compagnie.

Ofita has decided to celebrate his 45 years revamping its image with a new design more in line with the current reality of the company focused on innovation, and its international dimension and consolidated . Ofita is present today in over 20 countries , and export led growth of the company.

The makeover is a strategic decision that comes at a key time for the company , focusing today on internationalization , design , new ways of working and adapting their products to architectural projects.

The new design faithfully communicates the brand values Ofita that put the focus on excellence , innovation and people.

The new image will identify the company in its communication channels. The website and three new catalogs are the first and transmitted.

The web – – presented and fully refurbished image files . The design has sought the maximum simplicity in the presentation of content, providing an intuitive and clear navigation , offering visitors Ofita image as transparent . Its smooth lines and innovative approach to provide the user with a modern and intimate experience , and an original tour of the ” ofita world ” in which the company is shown as it is .

You will find items turned into drawings, projects real facilities leading companies such as FCC , Miele or blog Cuatrecasas and modernized and more attractive .

The Web presents new catalogs scoop three flagship products , the Fresh , Gen Ox and operating systems, photographed in an old textile factory . In its implementation, have collaborated on Igriega Group: in art direction , Mar Requena, in the style , and Jordi Miralles, in photography.