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Made by Ofita|

Ofita adds to its portfolio of products and solutions the system to reserve and manage workspaces that are already used by companies such as Telefónica, Toyota, Danone, Masmóvil, Laboratorios Ferrer or Mahou-San Miguel. BOOKKER BENEFITS This is Bookker, a solution that provides significant benefits for companies in terms of productivity and savings. Indeed, an improvement in efficiency (+ 35%) and productivity, in addition to generating savings that can exceed 30% in everything related to real estate.      Bookker already manages about 200,000 [...]

Menu of work spaces in new post-Covid offices


Menu of work spaces in new post-Covid offices Telework is here to stay and this is translated into new office concepts with a clear trend towards non-territorial spaces where employees do not have fix stations assigned at the office. We are talking about spaces of the new post-Covid spaces. The elimination of personally assigned work stations is ever more reinvested in an increase of different shared areas that belong to everyone and designed for [...]

Workspace scheduling technology in the “new normal” offices

Made by Ofita|

Ofita and Condeco, the global leader in workspace scheduling technology have signed an agreement to jointly implement meeting room and workspace reservation solutions (software&hardware), that help remove friction in the workplace and free businesses and their people up to get the most out of their working day. All these integrated solutions work to improve productivity and space efficiency for leading organizations around the world. Our industry leading meeting room and workspace scheduling technology helps [...]

All Ofita office chairs in one catalogue

Made by Ofita|

Ofita presents a new seating catalogue, with a complete offer of office and collective chairs. The correct design of a work chair is oneof the best allies for our health, minimizingand preventing the negative effects of staying seated for many hours.Ofita chairs are born from the bestergonomic research in the workplace andthe latest advances in technology, performance and materials.They provide a very comfortable andhealthy sitting position at all times. A levelof comfort without equal [...]

“Offices are not going to disappear despite teleworking”, Martin Lopez


“Offices are not going to disappear despite teleworking, but in this new scenario it is important to bear in mind that in many cases workers will be on the move and work will be hybrid, i.e. they will combine face-to-face and remote work.”, explains Martín López, director comercial de Ofita.   In this "new normal" security will have a decisive effect on the transformation of space. But the health crisis has also made teleworking [...]

“New normal” offices


    “New normal” offices The role of offices is changing. Their transformation was already a reality before Covid19 but the pandemics has accelerated the process. Thanks to technology, fewer people need to go to the office to work as they can do it from anywhere specially from home.   In this new scenario of the “new normal”, employees will be mobile and work will be hybrid, in-person and online; circumstance that is having huge [...]

Which is the best chair?

Made by Ofita|

  Which is the best chair? Home office has brought to the table the value of a good office chair. Employees who are used to sit on a quality office chair at offices acknowledge that one of the things they are missing the most at their homes is a chair that provides a comfortable and healthy position while teleworking according to a recent study by Ofita. This raises the question: Which is the best office [...]

Ofita increases the sale of office chairs in a 40% thanks to telework and the launch of new models

Made by Ofita|

Ofita a Spanish company for office design and furniture has increased in nearly 40% its sale of office chairs since confinement started in March. To satisfy this demand, Ofita launched a few weeks ago its online store oriented to home office.   This demand of quality chairs by teleworkers responds, depending on the company, to prior negative experiences of these workers with uncomfortable and unhealthy working chairs.   “Every day there is more people looking [...]

Farewell to your desk, offices become non-territorial


After the actual health crisis, work spaces will no longer be like the actual ones as measures such as greater hygiene control or distance between workers will change the design of our offices. But also, this crisis has come hand in hand with new working and communication methodologies such as tele work which is here to stay and the work space has to adapt just as technology. We can say that there are two [...]

How is the ideal work station to work from home?

Made by Ofita|

We Spaniards chose comfort rather than design when working from home Although many professionals occasionally teleworked in our country before the confinement and had their own working area, most Spaniards have had to improvise working areas at home. And it is not only a matter of seating anywhere with the laptop to write some other mail. “Telework is here to stay so it is important to consider the design of this space to develop our [...]


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