Ofita is the first Spanish company in the office furniture sector with the LEVEL® Level 2 sustainability certification, Sustainable, for real!

LEVEL® is the first European certification that covers all relevant aspects of a product’s sustainability. It is based on the sustainability standard developed by the Fédération Européenne du Mobilier de Bureau (FEMB).

The European LEVEL® certification scheme establishes that a product is sustainable from multiple perspectives, assessing not only the characteristics of the product, but also those of the organisation and the facilities where the furniture is manufactured. It assesses criteria such as the company’s social responsibility, its use of energy and its impact on the environment and human health.

Camilo Agromayor, the company’s CEO, explains that “LEVEL® Level 2 certification will allow Ofita to position its leadership in the sector, assuring its customers and collaborators that the certified products comply with the most demanding social and environmental standards applicable to the industry”. “In addition, this certificate will endorse us in the most demanding European markets by homogenising the requirements requested in terms of sustainability”. That is why it is particularly important that Ofita is the first Spanish company to have achieved Level 2 certification.

He also states that it is impossible to look to the future without thinking about minimising our environmental footprint in all our products and processes and, therefore, our commitment to the environment is firm. And this is corroborated by the different certificates that accredit our sustainability: PEFC, LEVEL, Tecnalia Integrated Certificate, ISO 14001, ISO 14006, EPD…, adds Camilo Agromayor.