Before we start talking about the advantages of metal office furniture over melamine furniture, it is important to explain what melamine is.

A melamine board is nothing more than a board covered with a melamine film. The boards (MDP) on which these melamines are applied are boards made of wood particles agglutinated with resins.

Although it is true that they have good qualities, such as their ability to resist exposure to sunlight, humidity and steam, it is also true that other reasons, such as wear and tear, discourage this option compared to metal office furniture.

Reasons to buy metal office furniture

Office furniture made of metal has been present in all types of offices for decades. Its strength and durability are just some of the reasons why people choose metal desks, filing cabinets, lockers and cupboards. In this article, we bring you 12 advantages of metal office furniture that make it an excellent choice for your office.

  1. High resistance

Possibly one of the most evident characteristics of metal furniture is that it is a much more resistant material than wood, melamine or plastic. Metal office furniture can withstand a lot of weight without deforming or breaking. Metal, in addition, compared to other materials, is not affected by excessive exposure to light and withstands from the lowest to the highest temperatures.

  1. The durability of metal office furniture is twice that of melamine

Resistance also gives them durability. Metal office furniture can last for many years with minimal care. In fact, the care they require is another of their advantages; cleaning is very easy and simple.

Metal furniture lasts twice as long as melamine, with a life of more than 20 years in perfect conditions of use. Its anchoring systems for guides and drawers, all of which are metallic, prevent looseness and deformation and guarantee its perfect functioning for more than twenty years. In addition, any damage can generally be repaired.

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  1. Better resistance to scratches and knocks

Metal office furniture is extremely resistant both to weight and to possible damage caused by use, such as scratches or knocks. They do not present problems of breakage or peeling of edges, and the epoxy paint applied in Ofita resists knocks without coming off, even if dents are produced on the surface.

  1. Safety

The weight of the material itself makes metal office furniture very stable.

In addition, metal is fireproof, which is an advantage in the event of fire. This is especially important in the case of archives, as it provides better protection against fire for the company’s documentation.


  1. Healthiness

Metal reduces the presence of insects, mites and pests. Its impermeability also makes metal office furniture completely resistant to bacteria, a fundamental element in the healthiness of the working environment.

  1. Long-term savings

Thanks to its durability, although the initial investment may be somewhat higher, in the long term it represents a saving, as they do not go out of fashion and are kept in perfect condition.

  1. Better use of space

Obvious optimisation of space, especially in some furniture, such as shelving and metal cabinets, with options such as space-saving sliding doors. With the same external dimensions, more interior storage space is achieved. Not to mention the space-saving benefits of a metal drawer unit, as it allows you to place hanging folders inside.

In addition, most metal solutions are modular and therefore suitable for all spaces, from the largest to the smallest.

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  1. Lower environmental impact

The extraction of metal is more sustainable than that of wood and also, at the end of its useful life, metal office furniture can be transformed without losing any of its properties. Steel is 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Its lower impact is based on recyclability and durability far superior to office furniture made of melamine. The environmental impact of steel is not only lower, it also has a better valuation in the eco-design certification of the products.

Do you want to know more about the sustainability of Ofita products? Visit this area of our website.

  1. Versatile design

Beyond its strength, durability and quality, the use of metal office furniture has also become popular because of the variety of design possibilities it offers. Metal office furniture has simple lines, which lightens the space, and integrates harmoniously into any decorative style. They are compatible and can be combined with furniture made of other materials such as wood, melamine, methacrylate, plastic or leather.

In addition, they can be painted in any colour to better adapt to design needs and corporate image.

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  1. Functionality

Functionality is one of the most valued qualities of metal office furniture. For example, metal cabinets can be used for storage and also to separate spaces within the office.

Metal is a more versatile material than wood or melamine when it comes to making furniture. Its design offers multiple configuration possibilities, adapting to the space available and the way each team or person works. In addition, they can be disassembled and easily moved.


  1. Easy and safe to move

The strength of the elements and, above all, of the union points allows them to be moved, dismantled, stored and reassembled as many times as necessary with absolute guarantee.

  1. Metal office furniture, also in the home

Metal office furniture is also an ideal choice for the home. In fact, they are trendy, and not only in more industrial styles, as they combine perfectly with wooden furniture. They can be part of an eclectic decor with warm elements such as rugs, armchairs and cushions. Without forgetting its qualities such as durability, safety, quality and easy cleaning and maintenance, which we have already mentioned and which are highly valued in our day-to-day personal and family life.


For all these reasons, metal is the most noble, efficient and elegant of materials for office furniture, whether in corporate headquarters or at home.