Today more than ever, companies need more agile and collaborative ways of working. And at the same time they seek to motivate a workforce that lives great moments of social, work and personal uncertainty. Faced with this challenge, every day more organizations are committed to designing creative offices that serve as inspiration.

Different studies corroborate that there is a correlation between the degree of satisfaction and motivation of employees with their workplace and their commitment to the company.

Creative offices to facilitate cultural change

Beyond adjusting the design of the space to the new work methodologies, the key is to go one step further and use their offices as levers that facilitate change. In transforming their workspaces thinking of their people. To do this, they incorporate architectures and elements that promote the well-being and work dynamics of their employees into the design of their offices, thereby improving heir motivation.

espacios para la innovación

In most cases, the remodeling of corporate headquarters responds to a change in the culture of the company, towards more flexible and participatory styles.

The first step isusually to opt for the landscape office concept, leaving behind the traditional configuration of offices and cubicles, and from there to implement a wide range of spaces designed according to each activity, from silent rooms to more informal areas. In other words, a hybrid model in which open areas coexist with others with greater privacy.

Every day in more cases, when employees of a company with creative offices arrive at the office there is no fixed place waiting for them. Instead, they choose the workstation that best suits the tasks they have for the day; they can decide on a workstation with privacy where they can be more concentrated or instead look for a connected one if they foresee that they will have to work in remote teams, for there are applications, like those offered by Ofita and Condeco, with which they can reserve the workplace. When there are no assigned sites, everything is designed to be easy to move, from technology to filing cabinets on wheels.    

Reserva de salas de reunión

More creative, collaborative and informal spaces

The creative offices have in common the prominence of collaborative spaces, since they are those that favor co-creation, pooling and the exchange of ideas.

Among these more creative spaces, the areas of added value, with a carefree design, destined both to take short breaks and to hold impromptu meetings, cannot be lacking. In a creative office, any point in the office is usually a good place to work.

Creative offices take care of all the elements to the smallest detail, from color to equipment. Having modern design and comfortable office furniture allows workers to feel comfortable in their environment and generate creative ideas, for example.

More creative offices with Ofita furnishings

In the Projects area of ​​our website, we show some creative offices furnished by Ofita. For example, the Roche Gis headquarters exhibits a wide typology of spaces – individual, group, open and private – in the office.

roche gis madrid

In the same vein, the Savills Aguirre Newman offices in Madrid are committed to the effectiveness of informal meeting spaces.

Sede Savills Aguirre Newman Madrid

Schneider offices seek the greatest well-being of the employee with the incorporation of elements of biophilic interior architecture. In addition, their bet for color is clear.

Schneider Francia

We can also see examples of creative offices that have replicated their exterior image inside their work centers; This is the case of the Corona or Five Guys offices, both furnished by Ofita.

five guys

Small creative offices

When we think of creative offices, the first thing that comes to mind are the corporate headquarters of large multinationals such as Google or Facebook, which are talked about so much. Nothing could be further from the truth; you don’t need to have slides to enjoy more creative spaces. Any element or detail can turn your workplace into an environment of this style. Sometimes we are inspired by a simple touch of color and / or furniture with its own personality.