Offices that boost creativity


Creativity is a highly appreciated skill by companies nowadays as we can see in Adecco’s report about The future of work in Spain. An employee capable of offering fresh and innovative ideas will be more productive and will have a lot more to offer to its working environment.

But in order to help our employees being more efficient and creative we shall also offer them the necessary comfort and an inspiring working environment. This is where the design of an offer gains force as a tool to boost creativity and productivity as well as to generate a sense of commitment with the company.


La oficina como herramienta para la creatividad


The aim of this design is the wellbeing of employees because the company offers value added and at the same time, encourages creative thinking. In fact, those employees who feel the interest of the company in offering spaces conceived for them will be happier. They will become places that in addition to being nice and comfortable will motivate them and favour the creation and exchange of ideas.


In order to turn our office into a tool for creativity, we can make the most of new resources such as technology or innovation but, what are the keys to organize a space that will boost creativity? 


The office as a tool for creativity – Seven keys

Working areas for Agile methodologies

In Ofita we have created the furniture system Forthink, formed by mobile elements such as stands, white boards and different bases with magnetized surfaces which allow the development of Agile methodologies: this are spaces designed for innovation.

With these elements we are able to organize a flexible space that can be adapted to the needs of the moment….An example of this is seen in the new headquarters of VAESA, with its agora-type area encouraging the creativity of its staff.


La oficina como herramienta para la creatividad


Conseguimos con estos elementos estructurar un espacio flexible que se pueda acomodar a las necesidades del momento …  Encontramos un ejemplo de ello en las nueva sede de VAESA, con su área tipo ágora, donde se fomentan la creatividad de su plantilla.


Collaborative spaces

Coworking and collaboration areas are so strong that they are the base for any company seeking creativity: places generating conversation among employees or which can also be used as a meeting place, this is a multifunctional space promoting teamwork.

Collaboration areas can be organized following two lines: with a formal style for more traditional tasks such as meetings; or with a more casual style providing a more informal working area for the performance of collaborative tasks.


Private spaces

The previous collaboration areas also include areas offering greater concentration, an ecosystem favouring creativity of many other people; because not everyone is the same and needs the same type of environment to generate ideas. Each employee has to be able to access a broad range of different spaces that will activate creativity at one or another moment.  


Incorporation of technology

An environment provided with technology favouring remote communication for example with tables provided with conference call connections, improves the exchange of ideas and boosts creativity. An example of this is our iSurf tables.


La oficina como herramienta para la creatividad


The attractive and personal design

In order to fulfil its function, offices need to have an attractive design and in the extent possible, personalized. A creative space is always more stimulating the more users take part in its design and workplace –through workshops before the implementation, etc.- as they are the ones who will carry out their duties. Moreover, a culture of the use of space has to be maintained.


Features of spaces

If we want offices to help us in this challenge of creativity its main features have to be its order and cleanliness to be observed as an oasis of tranquillity. Moreover open areas which give the idea of space added to natural light create an efficient state of mind for creativity.

Also the application of the appropriate colour affects directly the state of mind of employees in the extent that its choice will lead to a kind work environment.

Relax areas

In order to develop the work with creativity doses it is also important to take a break and therefore, offer areas providing this relax. Likewise it is also advised to have ergonomic furniture and chairs, which will help the adoption of healthier positions.


La oficina como herramienta para la creatividad

If we apply this series of changes which reveal the office as a tool for creativity they will help us make the difference: to achieve the evolution of conventional cognitive processes of employees attaining innovation and creativity.