Following the success of the previous event, from 3rd to 7th October Madrid will be the location for the second conceptual workshop from the Ideas Laboratory Ofilab by Ofita. On this occasion nine young designers will, together, implement a set of proposals on the issue of Home Office.

This initiative is one of the Trends Laboratory’s most important action lines Ofita, Ofilab, created to reflect, explore and disseminate trends in the evolution of space and office equipment.

In order to carry out the Ofilab 2011 workshop, Ofita has the collaboration of LifeSTech (Life Supporting Technologies), a research, development and innovation group in the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

With the title “Home, Smart Office” two simultaneous and different projects will be discussed: Ofita will carry out the workshopwith the objective of devising conceptual proposals on the future of working at home with nine young designers. For their part, LifeSTech will make use of the workshop to study the creativity and design process in a team, with the aim of identifying social and emotional patterns which allow enriching collaborative work. To this end, not only will the entire implementation of the workshop be recorded from different perspectives, but the participants will wear T-shirts with sensors developed by the Spanish company WearTech which will register cardiac and emotional activity during the different phases of the creative process.

Three work teams will be created and each will discuss a home concept based on different working conditions.

-the “vital” space: for a person with creative and stimulating work, considered as a prolongation of their life and a means for personal realisation. This refers to a space for inspiration in which life and work atmospheres are mixed and which facilitate undertaking any activity at any time.

-the “unfaithful” space: for an executive who does not work at home, however who has to perform some tasks at home at any time of day or night. This refers to a completely homely space in which the reconversion of specific elements allows, occasionally, discussing specific work activities.

-the “schizo” space: for a person who performs bureaucratic tasks of little interest with a fairly regular schedule. This refers to a space which has to be radically transformed in order to create two completely distinct atmospheres.

The workshop will be carried out in the Smart House Living Lab, a space with 150 m2, located in the Polytechnic University of Madrid, equipped with the most modern control, monitoring and regulation technology of the environment with the objective of analysing the creativity process in a group.