Congratulations! The Versa collection has received an honourable mention in the Best of Year Awards by the prestigious US magazine Interior Design, recognizing the best products and projects of the year.

The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Erik Bardin

This recognition adds to recent ones that fill us with pride; and among them, the one that satisfies us the most is the market itself. Thank you for the extraordinary reception of this new system of furniture, valued especially for its design, versatility and high functional features.

_s5a4432_aThis award serves as an incentive to continue betting on innovation and design to respond to new ways of working.

Versa, designed by Andreas Struppler, symbolizes a new concept of office furniture, based on a wide range of elements to create unique personalized workspaces. It combines modern and differentiating design with technological development.

Versa is the line of office furniture of Ofita that offers more functional and aesthetic options to companies, to create any configuration, individual or collaborative, with important role also in the more informal areas.

The Mention of Honour in the “Best of Year” publicly recognizes its outstanding qualities.

Thank you all for making this possible!

The event took place at the IAC Building in New York. Photography by Erik Bardin.

The 2016 Best of Year awards. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen

Michael Day of Wilkhahn, Brenda Reingold of Tarkett, Adam Carmichael of Saks Fifth Avenue, Kevin Shultis of B+N Industries, Joe Rodriguez of Ofita, and Lena Lim of B+N Industries.

Lee Mindel of Shelton, Mindel & Associates. Photography by Keith Claytor/TimeFrozen.

Jose Luis Calleja of Cosentino and Ana Granados of of Cosentino. Photography by Erik Bardin.

Allen E. Gant, III and Greg Voorhis of Sunbrella, Greg Kammerer of Interior Design, and Stephanie Cizinsky and Allen Hawks of Sunbrella. Photography by Erik Bardin.