Marta González Arquitectos has chosen Ofita’s furniture to equip the new premises of Bodegas Paniza, in particular the stylish Nexa chairs and i-Surf tables fitted with technology for an optimal incorporated communication, sofas and made to measure design counters made of Krion. A spectacular design as we can see in the image. 


bodegas paniza


An iconic building with the values of Bodegas Paniza

The iconic building of this Aragonese winery represents many of its values. Its absolute geometry with volumes of discontinuous forms seeks to transmit the singularity intended to confer force to the design of its premises.

Located in Paniza, Zaragoza, the 4,000m2-project is base on the premise of giving a new unique design to the corporate architecture of this company; this intervention includes new offices, shops and sheds as explained by Arquitectura y Empresa.

As detailed in this article, “external volumes have been designed as a combination of geometries and textures, all of them based on natural white and grey limestones and dark black slate. With sharp suspended discontinuous forms to boost the effects of light on the different walls and reflecting the inside open with glass surfaces of translucent glass curtain walls with a slight level of transparency to allow the perception of the inside and the outside; a modern and functional building giving a new line of unique design to the corporate architecture of the winery”.


bodegas paniza


Made to measure design furniture

In this project of Bodegas Paniza we find once more the differential capacity of Ofita to develop made to measure furniture making the idea of the client or the architect a reality.



bodegas panizo

bodegas paniza