Choosing the best chair for the office or for teleworking is not to be taken lightly. Those who work in offices or sit for long hours in front of the screen, are very familiar with problems caused by working many hours in a bad posture.

The vast majority of homeworkers are already suffering the effects of sitting in the wrong chair for 8 hours a day. Visual fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive movements are two of the most common ailments, although, without a doubt, lower back and neck pain caused by maintaining poor posture in front of the computer are the most frequent.

The back, neck or arms can suffer and end up causing serious problems in the long run. Therefore, if in addition to feeling comfortable, we want to have good health, and it is essential not to settle for the first chair that we are offered.


The best chair for the office and teleworking, beyond aesthetic fashions

The fashion for gaming chairs or chairs for gamers – office chairs designed to play video games – has reopened the debate on the importance of a good office chair for people’s health.

To cover this niche, countless models are reaching the market that do not comply with European regulations or the demanding quality standards of other office chairs manufactured in Spain, for example. They seduce their young users by their “gamer” design, with their lights or by imitating a car seat, but they neglect their health. Many seem very comfortable and they are, but that does not mean that they are the most recommended from the point of view of your health. For example, they facilitate a rigid posture when in reality, we should be sitting in motion.


How to choose the best office chair?

Apart from the finishes, shapes, and striking colors that we are going to find in many gaming chairs and whose main mission is aesthetics, to spend many hours in it, we must think about how a chair should be.

Before buying a chair for work use you have to take into account important factors such as: the quality of the manufacturing materials, its durability, ergonomics and the time of use.

But, without a doubt, the most important thing is to have an ergonomic chair. What does it mean? An ergonomic chair is one that adapts to its user, catering to the variety of individuals, and not the other way around.

The main characteristic that differentiates an ergonomic chair from a “normal” chair is the position in which our back is when we are using it and that allows us to “be seated in motion”.

An inadequate chair makes our body adopt a posture in which the femur and the spine form a constant angle of around 90º, forcing our spine to conform to a static position in which we completely lose the ability to stretch the lumbar arch.


On the contrary, the ergonomic chair forces us to adopt a more dynamic position in which our femur and our spine form a much more open angle and favors the natural position of the lumbar arch.

As each person is different and has different characteristics, it is essential that the chair is as adjustable as possible.

The perfect seat is the height-adjustable seat. Another important detail is that the front part of the seat must have a downward slope so that it does not press on the back part of the knees and the blood can circulate without problems.

The seats must not be excessively soft; they should be soft while providing firm support over the entire surface.


The backrest of an ergonomic and quality chair must be reclinable, be adapted to our spine and offer support to the lumbar area. The best office chairs are those that facilitate the stretching of the lumbar arch and for this, the most appropriate are those that are made of firm, but flexible materials.

In addition to these requirements, it is very important that the office chair incorporates a synchronized mechanism. That allows the backrest to tilt in a synchronized movement with the seat, favoring the natural movement of the body and preventing us from spending many hours in the same position.

Casters and armrests are essential in an ergonomic chair.

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The best office chairs for your home office

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