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Innovation Ofita – New designs are incorporated to its portfolio of products. Innovation is a constant throughout the history of Ofita but where innovation is most observed is in the development of new products. Therefore we have a strong development office and relationship with internationally renowned designers. In this post we show some of the designs, office tables and lockers developed by Ofita in the last months.


Easylevel, the most competitive elevating desks

Ofita’s commitment with the wellbeing and health of people who work at offices has taken the Company to reinforce its range of elevating office desks with the Easylevel model, a desk with electrical elevation at a highly competitive price for the user to alternate working seating and standing taking care of its health while working.



Triple stations with District

The operation system District has expanded with new developments in response to new working methodologies such as this triple display which increases its functionality in collaborative areas.

The emotional design of District office desks also presents new elements and versions such as wooden edges, for example.



Gen and Versa incorporate high desks

Ofita portfolio of products has completed with more high office desks for those meetings held in an improvised manner ever more frequent at offices. They are working surfaces to work standing at specific moments. 

Ofita has developed proposals in this line with its office furniture systems Gen and Versa.






GEN redesign

The incorporation of high desks is not the only novelty offered by Gen. This operative office furniture system has expanded with its new tilt table that elongates even more the pure lines of these office desks.  



New technical solutions

Design to the fine detail. Ofita has developed also new technical solutions that improve the features and design of furniture such as for example this surface of integrated laminated, an elegant solution to access wiring.





Redesign of Lock Lock lockers

Lock Lock is the ideal personal system of lockers for new non-territorial working methodologies, i.e., without assigned stations. Ofita has redesigned this collection and introduced new solutions.

Lock Lock lockers joint functionality and actual design with endless possibilities such as two optional fronts, storage modules of different sizes, its practical mailbox opening and its different locks making this locker unique.


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