Acoustic cabins: a new privacy concept that redesigns open space

Acoustic cabins in open spaces? The open space concept is the model already adopted by most companies for the design of their offices; although this concept is not new. Open offices were invented in Germany after Second World War as a reaction to the vertical scheme imposed by the Nazis.

There are many advantages of this type of offices: it encourages debate and team work, favours flexible work, saves costs and humanizes work spaces to make them more human. But its detractors point out some of its disadvantages: noise, constant distractions that impede work requiring concentration and lack of privacy to hold telephone conversations or meetings. Work spaces have to respond both to each activity and to the different type of people. The writer Susan Cain points out that “open offices are designed for extrovert people who need many incentives. Introvert people require other types of environments to surface their talent”. Reality is that all of us, regardless of our nature, need at some stage a space for privacy.

Therefore, the solution goes through hybrid spaces, i.e., through completing the open space with different types of spaces used à la carte.

Having different environments allows employees choose the most suitable space for the work and even the state of mind, which gives a personal touch to the privacy experience.

Privacy spaces can be more or less enclosed, opaque or transparent and privacy can be an individual or team experience. Important thing is that these spaces offer the possibility to focus on the activity of its users and with the privacy they require, acoustically far from external hustle and bustle.




Microoffice acoustic cabins, a new privacy concept

Microoffice acoustic cabins represent a new privacy concept for actual offices; an independent oasis within the open space.

It eases individual and collaborative work in a private environment with a minimalist design that creates an independent although not isolated work space. The “peaceful” inner life and outer “chaos” are linked by sight, energy, light and feelings.

Opaque sides create a tangible barrier that divides two worlds and from another perspective, front and back, is nearly invisible because given its transparency it merges with its environment.



Individual and team privacy

Ceilings and two glass walls help light come through creating a relaxing environment and the feeling of connection with the world outside.

The cabin is sound-absorbent to avoid noise and acoustic pollution both from the inside and the outside and vice-versa. It is fitted with a ventilation system that ensures the quality of the air and is equipped for the connectivity of users.

With Microoffice you can create different layouts and also customize it with different finishes and upholstery.