After undergoing exhaustive analysis, the new Hara office chair has been certified by ANSI BIFMA, the US Standard accrediting the durability of this type of product. This review supports Ofita’s commitment to exceed the highest quality standards of its products.

This certification is more demanding than the European one in terms of weights to be supported by the chair and test cycles and is complementary to other quality and sustainability certifications of Ofita’s furniture. Resistance tests are carried out with significant weights to test the seat, backrest, arms and wheels, etc. Cycles are based on the equivalent of 10 years of use in the same turn.

Falling tests are also carried out (with 95 percentile males which in the US represents 125kg).  



Hara, the most comfortable operative Ofita chair


A German design by Andreas KrobHara is an operative office chair designed to offer users excellent comfort. This office chair outstands for its great ergonomics thanks to its innovative backrest which accompanies users in all their movements. 


Its backrest is the heart of the chair and the key to its comfort and flexibility. Apparently simple, it presents complex developments incorporating high levels of engineering and innovation.


Hara chair