The proper height of a desk is one of the most important elements to take into account to avoid back or cervical problems, related to poor posture.

As explained by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia in its study on Ergonomics and office furniture, the appropriate height of a desk is between 70.5 and 73.5 cm. Furthermore, “there must always be at least 10 cm free between the edge of the table and the keyboard, and 40 cm between the user’s eyes and the screen, without having the head turned very much (less than 40 degrees)”.

In addition to looking at the appropriate height of our desk, so that the office furniture can contribute to a good posture, it is also important to have an ergonomic chair in which each person can adjust their height, armrests and backrest, so that you can maintain a correct posture.

How to check the proper height of a desk

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To know if a desk has the appropriate height, or to choose a table that is suitable for our needs, we must take into account the following points, according to the IBV:

  • In the case that the desk is rectangular, it must be at least 120 cm wide and 80 cm deep.
  • The user surface of the desktop must be between 70.5 and 73.5 cm, for the computer screen and the hands.
  • There should be enough open space under the desktop to be able to get close and move your legs freely.
  • The overall size of the desk should allow it to be placed in the workplace without reducing mobility around it.
  • In addition to proper height, it is convenient that the desk have wire management troughs to organize the wiring and prevent it from getting tangled and cluttered.
  • If the table has drawers on the sides, it is convenient to check if they are accessible from the seated position.
  • These drawers must be secure: protected against accidental removal and with a handle design that prevents fingers from being trapped.

On this data and after consulting its users, Ofita has been able to verify that the results of its study on “How is our ideal position for teleworking” coincide with what the regulations mark on the appropriate height of a work table. According to this study, for 89% of those interviewed, the ideal size of their table is between 120 and 160 cm, and the same majority prefer that it be equipped with some type of system or grommet for wire management.

Adjustable desks to achieve the appropriate height of a desk

Having a good posture is essential for ergonomics in the workplace, and having a desk with the appropriate height is much easier if we have a height-adjustable table. This feature allows a better adaptation to the anatomy of the user at all times, while expanding the functionality of the desk.

An example is Ofita’s Smartlevel height-adjustable desk, which has a lifting system from 650 to 1250 mm that adapts to each user’s way of working by allowing them to choose the appropriate height for their desk.


Multilevel – Ofita

Another recommended height-adjustable desk from Ofita is Multilevel, the table with which companies such as Freshfields, Savills Aguirre Newman or EDP, among many others, take care of their employees. It allows you to create an optimal comfort station by being able to customize the desk to achieve the perfect desk height without the use of tools. With the Multilevel system, the height of the desk can be controlled automatically thanks to an integrated panel.

By following these guidelines, achieving the proper height of a desk will greatly reduce the chances of permanent back injuries and prevent long-term ailments associated with poor posture.