Ofita’s showroom in Madrid has just been redesigned to accommodate new design proposals for office furniture. This exhibition located at calle Caleruega is a showcase of innovative work spaces demanded by companies today.





Furniture with a customized design

Customization is one of the most important factors when designing and equipping offices; thinking about the type of company and client who will be using this space and about its employees. Therefore, this exhibition assembles different Ofita options of customized furniture.


espacios de trabajo innovadores


This sample explains the different trends in the design of furniture and the office for the next years and concentrate on technology, new working methodologies and above all; people: mobile and reconfigurable furniture; organic tables with modules; concentration areas such as cabins which allow individual work or meetings; height-adjustable tables in ever more innovative configurations such as those allowed by the Multilevel table; unassigned stations; coworking areas; high connectivity tables such as iSurf; informal collaborative spaces…


The iSurf table with incorporated technology –  Showroom Ofita Madrid. Hara chairs.


We design for people 

Factors such as light, colour or natural elements are also the main characters of the interior design of this showroom in their permanent search for the creation of human environments for offices which defines Ofita since it was incorporated 50 years ago.

With this same purpose, designs exposed in Ofita’s showroom in Madrid always show furniture which easily adapts to each user and time. Chairs for example with ergonomic systems and easily regulated that can adapt to different weights and heights of different workers as it is the case of our new Hara chair.


Showroom de Ofita en Madrid


Ofita’s showroom in Madrid, a space for meeting 

Ofita’s showroom in addition to being a space for the exhibition of designs is a meeting point for the analysis and reflection on new work spaces and their equipment.

Inspired in our claim “Let´s work together”, in this context we periodically meet with architects, designers, interior designers and professionals of the facility management among other collaborators for the sharing of ideas and projects.